Frequently Asked Questions


What is Engraving?

Dating back to at least the 1400’s, engraving is still considered the finest printing process available today. Engraving is a printing method that begins with etching the desired design into a copper plate. The etching is created with an acid wash first, then hand-tooled with artistic craftsmanship. The plate is then inked, and wiped, so that the ink remains only in the engraved lines. The print is created by pressing the plate into the paper, leaving a beautifully raised image. Nothing captures fine details like engraving!

Is Engraving and the RoxyLou line Environmentally Friendly?

Engraving is, in fact, the most environmentally friendly printing process available! Engraving inks are water-soluble, and every supply used from the dies to the wipes is 100% recycled. We then take it a step further by using paper that is 100% recycled and made from cotton, so no trees were lost. And lastly, our invitations are produced in our solar powered plant in Massachusetts. We are very proud to say that the RoxyLou line is one of the most environmentally friendly invitation collections in the world!

How can I order?

Please contact us and we will be able to direct you to a retailer in your area that carries our line. If there is not a store local to you, then you may order directly through us.

How quickly can I expect my proofs?

If you’ve ordered an item directly from the line with no customizations except for colors and font styles, you can expect to see PDF proofs within 48 hours (excluding weekends). For custom work, the time will vary depending on the amount of work required.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Once you’ve signed-off on your PDF proofs, your order will ship within 15 business days, unless otherwise noted at the time of order placement.

Do you take rush orders?

When our press schedule allows, we will certainly take on rush orders… please do not hesitate to ask! Additional fees may apply depending on the timeframe requested.

Am I limited to the colors in the samples shown?

Absolutely not! We know how important the correct color scheme is to your event, so if you have a specific item you’d like to match your ink to, please share it with us.

Do you take custom orders?

Most certainly! We would love to chat with you about what you’re looking for. We can work off of one of our existing designs as inspiration, or create an entirely new concept just for you. The sky’s the limit!

What is the price range of your invitations?

Invitations in the RoxyLou line start at about $2500 for 100 sets. A set includes the outer envelope, invitation card, response card, and response envelope. If shown in the sample photo, a set also may include an inner envelope, envelope liner, and/or invitation packaging (such as a pocketfold, booklet, bellyband, sleeve, etc.).

Do you have any other products available to coordinate with your invitations?

Absolutely! We offer many different items to enable you to achieve the perfect look for your event, including but not limited to: All paper products, of course (save-the-dates, ceremony programs, escort cards, placecards, menus, table numbers, signage, favor tags/stickers, toasting discs, thank you notes, just to name a few…), hand-painted aisle runners and ring-bearer pillows, coasters, napkins, postage, rhinestone cake toppers, jewelry and haircombs. All created to coordinate with your stationery! And as always, if you’re looking for something specific that’s not mentioned, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What papers do you use in your line?

We use the finest quality papers in our line… not to be snobby about it (ok, maybe just a little)… but basically, only the best will do! We take into account the weight, composition, texture, and color of each and every paper we choose to print on. Most of our line is printed on Crane’s Lettra, which is 100% cotton with a luxurious feel, and available in ecru, pearl white and fluorescent white. We also use several gorgeous metallic and rich matte colored papers as accents to round out the line, depending on what each design calls for.